Thumper is one of the available characters in Mindjack.

General InformationEdit

  • Type: Heavy Infantry Soldier
  • Call Sign: Thumper
  • Affiliation: Nerkas
  • Mind Hack: Red Team
  • Mind Slave: Yes



Reach for the stars... and then kill them... with the orbit-capable Thumper Combat Suit.

Now, taking out an enemy satellite is as simple as having your soldier suit up in a Thumper. The sky is no longer the limit with the Thumper, which is also perfectly suited to terrestrial battle situations.

The Thumper suit features thick armor and heat resistant plating for durability and survivability. They're ideal for working with heavy ordinance and explosives.

The Thumper Combat Suit features:

Mind Wave Integration

Exclusive Surround-Sight Visor with 3-D HUD

Advanced Communications Set

Low-Orbit Capability

24-Hour Air Supply

7 Day Battery Life On A Standard Charge

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