Swarmers are one of the available characters in Mindjack.




You’ll go ape for the killing power of our new Swarmer Hybrid! The SX040 is an exclusive Nerkas Solutions hybrid—an African chimpanzee bio-engineered with mechanical exoskeletons and equipped with two rapid-fire machine guns. Thanks to chemical alteration of their mental functions, these chimps have gone from flinging their own poop to flinging concussion grenades at your enemies. In fact, nothing makes a Swarmer happier than tracking down their target and ripping them limb from bloody limb.

Because Swarmers work best in packs, they are sold in groups of three. Each one features:

Hard-Wired Mind Wave Technology

Dual, Belt-Fed Machine Guns Featuring Auto-Loading Capability

NewSteel Exoskeletons With RustGuard Coating

Infrared Targeting Systems

3-Month | 300-Kill Warranty

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