Squawker is one of the characters available in Mindjack.

General InformationEdit

  • Type: Regular Infantry Soldier
  • Call Sign: Squawker
  • Affiliation: Nerkas
  • Mind Hack: Red Team
  • Mind Slave: Yes



The Squawker Combat Armor system is an efficient solution in personnel protection technology that allows you to save lives… and money! Equip your infantry soldiers with combat protection that’s as easy to use as it is easy on the procurement budget. Squawker Combat Armor requires no special training beyond standard military protocols. And it’s been proven to reduce combat fatalities by almost 30%! Squawker Combat Armor is available in camouflage, dune and grey—for jungle, desert or urban operations and is comes in small, large and extra-large sizes. Each armor set features:

Torso, Leg and Arm Reinforcements

Adjustable Thigh and Shoulder Pouches

Integrated Communications System

Limited Life-Support & Respiratory Protection

External Speaker System

30-Day | 30-Kill Limited Warranty

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