"According to this they can do it and you'll never even know it's happening" 

Rebecca Weiss is a main character in Mindjack.
Tech girl


Rebecca Weiss earns a living as a freelance NGO (non-governmental organization) consultant, investigating and advising on corporate malpractice suits.

Originally an army brat, Rebecca's background is in military communications - only a year into service, she went through the torturous East Asia Wars. Two years of hard fighting turned Rebecca into a real soldier, with the ability to handle the toughest of situations.

Despite being awarded two medals for service above and beyond, Rebecca resigned her commission after blowing the whistle on high level military corruption.

Since then she's been in the vanguard of the anti-tech movement and offers her ser


vice with corporate investigations. Rebecca's not cheap; in fact, more than one envious rival has whispered that she's only in it for the money - that she's no more than a tech mercenary.

Foreign governments and international corporations view her as an unwelcome subversive who helps fuel anti-corporate sentiments; NGOs view her as a skilled, but expensive gun for hire.


Officially, Rebecca Weiss makes her living as a freelance consultant, working with various non-government organizations. To the public, she’s a highly-paid and widely respected lobbyist.

The truth, however, is more disturbing. Nerkas Solutions Intelligence has learned that Ms. Weiss is currently actively aiding and abetting several confirmed terrorist organizations. Most notably, Weiss has recently been in contact with Arthur Ellis, leader of the dangerous Anti-Nerkas organization.

While the extent of their cooperation is as of yet unknown, it must be assumed that Weiss intends to assist the Anti-Nerkas Movement in their radical, dangerous anti-technology crusade. Therefore, Rebecca Weiss is to be treated with extreme prejudice by all Nerkas Solutions employees. Her activities are to be actively hindered, when possible, and monitored and reported on when it is not.

Consider Weiss to be lethally dangerous. She possesses a high degree of military training and has been awarded medals for combat and valor. She is a veteran of the East-Asian conflict, and is likely to be armed. Approach her with caution.


Jim and Rebecca together


It is mentioned early in the first level that Rebecca Weiss looks remarkably similar to Marie Corbijn. Jim Corbijn's wife who died in a car accident before the game's start.

It is revealed later that Rebecca actually witnessed the accident


"Do I make them jumpy too?"

"Are you calculating combat arts or loss of pride?"


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