Quick Draw is one of the available characters in Mindjack.

General InformationEdit

  • Type: NM510 Ground Attack Mech
  • Call Sign: Quick Draw
  • Affiliation: Nerkas
  • Mind Hack: Red Team
  • Mind Slave: Yes



Essentially a cannon on wheels, the Quick Draw is capable of rotating 360 degrees to fire on its enemies.

With burst speeds of up to 100 mph, the Quick Draw really is the king of the road. Its reinforced, armored hull and heavy duty turret means the Quick Draw can both give and take a beating.

Use the Quick Draw to support field armies as an artillery platform. Use it as a security droid. Whatever needs to be done, the Quick Draw is the one battle droid that always ready for some action.

The Quick Draw Attack Mech features:

Quad-Wheel Design For Enhanced Maneuverability

200 mm Cannons with 100 km Range

Dual Rapid Fire Machine Guns

Hard Wired Mind Wave Control System

Infrared Motion Detection System

30-Kill | 30-Day Limited Warranty

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