"Sure, new NERKAS Mind wave neuro-tech-let's you control basic appliances with your mind."- Jim Corbijn

Mind Wave is a technology invented by NERKAS Solutions. It has the power to allow you to control basic appliances with your mind. It is also the central need for using mind hacking.
Mindwavetech (1)

"Introducing the next step in human evolution... Mind Wave technology.

With Mind Wave, you can control electronic devices simply by using the power of your thoughts.

Turn the lights in your house off—simply by thinking about it. Direct common droids to do your bidding, without lifting a finger or speaking a word. Program computers, access databases and control appliances... all through the power of your brain.

Mind Wave makes it all possible. It’s easy to use too! Just put on one of our comfortable HM-987 headsets. They're simple to control and require no special training or messy cranial alterations.

Are you ready to change your state of mind? Mind Wave is here... and mankind will never be the same."


The Mind Wave Headset

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