Lyle Fernandez is a main characters in Mindjack.
Hero pose

Fernandez as a solider


Lyle Fernandez

Field Operative Comms Agent

Federal Intelligence Agency 

Lyle Fernandez is currently our most valuable asset within the FIA, and is to be protected and cooperated with by all Nerkas personnel. Lyle currently serves as the communications specialist working with Jim Corbijn, who is not aware of his allegiance to us. He will be a key part of the success of the upcoming Plan 4 initiative, and is an invaluable conduit of information. However, Nerkas Solutions agents are urged to use caution and common-sense when dealing with Fernandez. His combat training makes him a particularly dangerous foe, and his intellect and cunning have been tested out at near-genius levels. Although he has chosen to cooperate with Nerkas, Fernandez's motivations are always to be considered suspect. Do not underestimate this man.

Lyle Fernandez Mindjack


His fate is unknown when he jumps to his (supposed) death at the end of Mindjack


" As you say, doctor, the door is already opened and if we aren't first through every living soul is at risk."

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