Jim Corbijn is a main character in Mindjack. He serves as the games main protagonist.
Mobile one


Jim Corbijn

Tactical Field Operative, Direct Intervention Force

Federal Intelligence Agency

Jim is one of the rising stars in the FIA—and one of the agents Nerkas Solutions needs to be most aware of in the coming years. Jim started his career as a standard level field operative. He took part in several spectacularly successful missions, including the legendary "Two Little Pigs" campaign and Operation Kerosene. The tragic death of his wife threatened to derail Jim’s career for a time, but with the help of his long-time partner and friend

Lyle Fernandez , Jim survived those dark years, and returned to the job a stronger, more determined
Agent Jim
agent. Recently promoted into the Direct Intervention team, Jim is one of the most formidable fighters in the FIA arsenal. He has alpha-level certification on almost every weapon system currently in use, is a munitions expert, and is additionally trained in three hand-to-hand combat disciplines. Nerkas Solutions security personnel are advised to take all conceivable safety precautions if opposed by Jim Corbijn.


Jim cant't actually mindhack other people. He gets hacked by gardner at the beginning of the game, meaning that he is technically not the playable character.

Jim as a soilder


"Listen, lady. You're a high profile activist and your file's got a five star Pain In The Ass rating!"

"We don't have a body count,lady-those are stats. People like you twist numbers like that into anything you want them to be!"

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