The final boss in this game is known as the garbage face. Funnily enough, it is the same person who made the game: Maxi D!

Maxi DEdit

The notorious Maxi D is a western chicken smoked in mud. It is illiterate, immobile, useless and already dead. Though it somehow comes back to life for no reason. It's attacks include swearing at you, sweating on you, wiping it's arse on you and sucking your nose. It is a formidible foe and will kill you viciously. Since your character is a useless dirtbad who can't fight any better than a mudcrab, you die in 20000000 hits. Pretty tough huh? When he sweats on you it makes you stand still for no reason. Apparently the damage is done when the feel of the slobber mysteriously redirects your blood flow to your big toe. This makes you queazy. A picture of this notorious boss is shown below.


The final boss in this terrible game:

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