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The Federal Intelligence Agency(FIA) is a government organization that is protecting San Mira. Jim Corbijn  and Lyle Fernandez both work the FIA.


From: Andrew Gardner

For Immediate Release

For Nerkas Solutions , the Federal Intelligence Agency (FIA) represents both a grave threat and a unique opportunity. A threat because it remains the only government agency with the resources, capabilities and will to uncover and interfere with the ongoing implementation of the Plan 4 initiative. An opportunity because those same resources and capabilities could also be forged into our most valuable weapon – if the FIA can be persuaded to cooperate. To defeat your opponent, you must first understand them. Therefore, all Nerkas Solutions operatives should familiarize themselves with the information contained in the personnel dossiers linked below. And remain vigilant for opportunities to co-opt any FIA agent. It may prove to be our most important mission. 

Deputy Director Dominick Rook 

Lyle Fernandez 

Jim Corbijn

Agent Judd