Dominick Rooks is the director of the FIA and jim and lyle's boss.


Dominick Rooks

Deputy Director

Federal Intelligence Agency 

Dominick Rooks is the youngest FIA deputy director in the agency's history. Before his meteoric rise to the top began, Rooks graduated summa cum laude from the San Mira Technological Institute with a degree in neural engineering. Turning down lucrative offers to join any number of private industries, Rooks began his career at the Agency as a tactical field operative, and was quickly noticed by his superiors for his tenacity, intelligence... and willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done. A full biography of Rooks’s mission history has yet to be uncovered, however it is commonly assumed that he participated in the successful instigation of the second Russian revolution of 2021, in addition to masterminding the Digital Manifestation operation of 2015. Further details are currently being investigated. Rooks's personality is described as "pragmatic" and even "cold." While his agents respect the fact that he’s spent time in the field and feel confident in his professional abilities, they also find him to be a bit of an enigma.  Rooks's personal relationships, interests and activities outside of work—if he has any—remain a mystery. Acquiring more information on Deputy Director Rooks is considered imperative. All Nerkas employees are hereby given priority-task authority to pursue any and all leads.


Rooks never appeares in the game though he mentioned several times and talks to jim and rebecca at the end.

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