"Rebecca, my dear. Matters have progressed since we spoke, hence my absence."

Arthur Ellis is one of the characters in Mindjack.


Professor Ellis is perhaps the most dangerous adversary that Nerkas Solutions—and the civilized world—faces. An anti-technology and anti-corporate zealot, Arthur Ellis is one of the leading voices for the corrupt philosophy of neo-luddism, and seems intent on plunging the world into a second age of darkness. To the public world, Ellis is the founder and chief spokesperson for the Anti-Nerkas Movement, a leading non-governmental organization. In this role, Ellis advocates for public health and safety causes. In reality, however, Ellis is a terrorist that is actively engaged in corporate espionage and industrial sabotage. Under the cover of the Anti-Nerkas Movement, he directs a network of almost 100 full time intelligence agents and biological terrorists that are actively working to undermine and oppose the activities of Nerkas Solutions. Stopping Arthur Ellis and his gang of radicals is one of our most important undertakings—and we will fight our war on terrorism with all our resources available. Every Nerkas Solutions employee is authorized to employ any legal means necessary to stop Arthur Ellis.


He never appeares in the game but he leaves a messegae for rebecca that is used to break into the NERKAS Dockyard.

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