Andrew Gardner is a main characters in Mindjack. He serve's as the games main antagonist.


Andrew Gardner is a scientific genius and the founder of Nerkas Solutions. Nerkas Solutions is one of the most powerful multinational corporations with numerous divisions and spotless reputations. His strong faith in technology has driven him further to invent the Mind Wave software and he has been striving on refining this technology even further.


His daughter Emily died at a very young age and he spent his life trying to bring her back . Which ironicaly led him to creating mind hacking.

At the end of the game it is revealed that he was killed by Lyle Fernandez before the games start and that all of the times he appeares are through pre-recorded messgaes.It is also revealed that before his death he converted his mind into a wanderer that he used to hack Jim. This means that the player is technically playing as Gardner throughout the entire game.


" The door we've opened is to perilous for humanity to walk through. Oppenheimer has forewarned us of that path."

" What I have done- this mind hack- will lead us all into the jaws of damnation."

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